Russia warns again that risks of nuclear confrontation with US growing

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Risks of a direct military confrontation between the two nuclear powers, Russia and the United States, are steadily growing, the TASS news agency quoted a senior Russian diplomat as saying on Tuesday.

Vladimir Yermakov, the foreign ministry’s head of nuclear non-proliferation, told the Russian state news agency that Washington is escalating the risks through its conduct with Moscow.

Since the start of its invasion on Ukraine 14 months ago, Moscow has issued regular charges against the US and what it calls ‘the collective West’ for raising the risks of a nuclear war, rhetoric intended to deter Kyiv’s allies.

‘If the United States continues to follow its current course of confrontation with Russia, with the stakes constantly escalating on the verge of sliding into direct armed conflict, then the fate of START (nuclear arms treaty) may be a foregone conclusion,’ Yermakov said…”

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