‘Russian-Iranian Axis’ Threatens American Empire – Top DC Think Tank

Sputnikglobe.com reports: “Russia and Iran have enjoyed warm, strategic cooperation for decades, building on ties forged over the course of more than 500 years, when the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Persian Empire first established relations. The countries plan to sign a new strategic cooperation agreement in the near future.

The US must do something to counter a ‘growing Iran-Russia axis’ before it wreaks havoc on and further ‘undermines American interests in Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East,’ a pair of scholars from the Heritage Foundation – a leading Washington, DC-based think tank, have warned.

According to Heritage’s Middle Eastern affairs observer James Phillips and weapons of mass destruction and proliferation expert Peter Brookes, the West’s efforts to ‘isolate’ Russia and Iran and to sanction them into submission haven’t borne their expected fruit, with the two countries not only ramping up security and defense cooperation, but cooperating economically to sabotage Western restrictions…”

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