Russian navy should be equipped with tactical nukes, says Russian scientist

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Russian navy should be equipped with tactical nuclear weapons, a Russian nuclear scientist proposed to Russian state media on Friday. 

‘On this issue [the equipping the fleets with tactical nuclear weapons], we found complete mutual understanding with [recently deceased Russian Navy commander-in-chief Admiral Vladimir] Vysotsky,’ Radii Ilkaev of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center told RIA

‘We wanted this issue to be discussed in the Security Council,’ Ilkaev continued. ‘We are a great maritime power and must have an appropriate fleet for protection. But in order to build such a fleet, you need 100 years, it is very expensive. In the meantime, you need to protect it by available means — to return tactical nuclear weapons, they are in warehouses.’

Ilkaev said that there was only a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ not to implement such a policy after then Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev reduced such arms in agreement with the US…”

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