Russia’s army warns of ‘terrorist’ drones after attacks reports: “Russia’s defence ministry on Thursday said it was concerned about the threat of drones used ‘for terrorist purposes’ following recent attacks on Moscow’s bases in Syria.

Ten drones equipped with explosives attacked Russia’s airbase in Hmeimim in the early hours of January 6, while three others targeted its naval base in the port of Tartus, according to the military.

The defence ministry said there were no casualties or damage in the incidents, but warned that similar technology could be used to wage terror anywhere in the world.

‘There is a real threat linked to using drones for terrorist purposes anywhere in the world,’ said Russian General Alexander Novikov at a press conference in Moscow.

‘Until now, fighters have used drones primarily for aerial examination. There were only isolated incidents when they were used for attacks,’ Novikov said.

He said both the drones that attacked the Russian bases had 10 explosive devices each weighing 400 grammes (14 ounces) and were filled with what he called ‘small metal balls’…”

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