Senior IDF source: ‘War with Hezbollah is a matter of time’

Israel National News reports: “The Hezbollah terror group has recently raised the frequency of its provocations on Israel’s northern border – and one senior IDF source is warning that war with Hezbollah is only a matter of time.

Unlike the explosives fired in Metula earlier this week, the missile fired last week near Ghajar only barely missed a military vehicle, and a different result would have completely changed the situation in northern Israel.

According to Israel Hayom, the IDF had no prior information on the missile, similar to the situation on Passover and in some of the other recent incidents.

‘No one knows when it will happen, but war is a matter of time,’ a senior commander in northern Israel told Israel Hayom. ‘We are on high alert. If in the past, there were infiltrations of mostly labor-seekers, today there are provocations on the border fence.’…”

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