Shock poll: Bible beliefs ‘much closer to extinction in America’

WND.com reports: “A new study by Christian pollster George Barna comparing Americans’ religious beliefs and practices before and after the COVID pandemic finds some stunning departures from biblically faithful Christianity — including a 14 point drop, from 58%-44%, in the percentage of ‘born-again’ Christians who believe Jesus lived a sinless life on Earth.

The survey, released April 20 and conducted by the Cultural Research Center (CRC), based at Arizona Christian University, in Glendale, Arizona, finds a mere 4% of overall Americans polled who possess a ‘biblical worldview,’ down from 6%, while among born-again Christians, ‘the incidence of biblical worldview among them fell from 19% in 2020 to 13% in 2023.’

In another finding of the report, which compares religious beliefs and practices in 2020, before the pandemic, to 2023, found a huge drop among born-again Christians — from 85% to just 50% — who say they are ‘deeply committed to practicing [their] faith.’…”

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