Softer, Gentler North Korea: ‘U.S. Cannot Escape Doom’ reports: “North Korea’s state media outlets do not appear to have softened their tone towards the United States, despite reports Tuesday that dictator Kim Jong-un would be open to discussing denuclearization with the Trump administration.

In articles published Monday and Tuesday, the North Korean state newspaper Rodong Sinmun called U.S. President Donald Trump’s sanctions on the communist regime ‘despicable’ and ‘gangster-like’ while predicting that America itself ‘cannot escape doom.’

The latter claim – in an article aptly titled ‘The U.S. Cannot Escape Doom’ – appeared in the publication Monday, as Kim hosted a dinner for a small delegation of South Korean envoys entrusted with setting the table for talks between Pyongyang and Washington, in addition to Pyongyang and Seoul. The article cited the instances of government shutdowns in the United States as a ‘laughing stock worldwide’ that highlighted the ‘wretched plight’ of the United States.

It appears to claim that a government shutdown is currently ongoing – it is not, though it may occur if the March 23 deadline for a budget is not met – and argues that ‘such case [sic] has become a commonplace [sic] under the Trump administration.’

‘It is not fortuitous that those who advocated America’s hegemonism yesterday are concerned of its fate. The consecutive government shutdown heralds the tragic destiny of the imperialist boss,’ the piece concludes…”

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