South Korea, US, Japan hold first joint air drills

SpaceWar.com reports: “South Korea, the United States and Japan carried out their first joint aerial drills on Sunday, Seoul’s military said.

The exercise, which involved a US nuclear-weapons-capable B-52 bomber, comes as Seoul, Washington and Tokyo beef up their defence cooperation against growing missile and nuclear threats from North Korea.

The US bomber landed at a South Korean airbase on Tuesday after a flyover at the country’s largest defence exhibition.

B-52s, which fly at subsonic speeds, can travel more than 8,800 miles without refuelling, at an altitude reaching 50,000 feet.

The trilateral exercise took place south of the Korean peninsula, where Seoul and Tokyo’s air defence identification zones overlap, according to the South Korean Air Force.

‘This marks the first time for the air powers of South Korea, the United States, and Japan to carry out an aerial exercise,’ it said in a statement.

The exercise was ‘planned to expand the three countries response capabilities against North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile threats,’ the statement added.

Pyongyang views all such exercises as rehearsals for an invasion and has repeatedly warned it would take ‘overwhelming’ action in response…”

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