Space Officials Outline Key Investments Needed to Ensure U.S. Maintains Edge

SpaceWar.com reports: “In testimony before a Senate Armed Services subcommittee, John D. Hill, deputy assistant secretary of defense for space and missile defense, outlined key investments in DOD’s budget request for fiscal year 2025 needed to keep pace with challengers to the U.S. in the space-warfare domain.

‘We are clearly in a time of rapid change in the space strategic environment,’ Hill told the Strategic Forces Subcommittee. ‘One that does not favor the slow or those resistant to change.’

He noted efforts by China and Russia to rapidly field space and counterspace capabilities meant to degrade and challenge the joint forces’ use of space-based services that provide warfighters with key advantages on the battlefield.

‘The scale and scope of the threats in space present significant risks to the American people, to our national interests, [and] to allies and partners,’ Hill said…

‘Space has never been more critical to the security of our nation, and the success or failure of the joint force depends heavily upon the capabilities that we present,’ Guetlein said. ‘Repeated actions by both the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China underscore the urgency for action’…”

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