Street preacher arrested for reading Bible verses at LGBT pride event

The Christian Post reports: “A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he began preaching from the Bible on public property during a protest against a nearby pride event.

The incident happened June 3 at a pride month rally in the city of Reading, located more than 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia, where a crowd that included drag performers and small children gathered in front of the City Hall building.

Video from the event showed a couple of protesters standing on the opposite side of the street as marchers held LGBT-themed flags while Reading police officers looked on.

By early afternoon, Damon Atkins, 41, was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after he was involved in a conversation with Reading Police Officer Bradley McClure, according to court documents.

The now-viral video shows Atkins holding a sign which reads ‘Jesus said go and sin no more’ while telling McClure ‘This is public property.’ Atkins responds, ‘It is public property…let them have their day,’ in an apparent reference to the marchers…”

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