Submarine deal highlights concerns over rising Chinese power

SpaceWar.com reports: “A landmark nuclear submarine pact between the United States, Australia and Britain underscores concerns over growing Chinese military power, but it will be years before the new vessels can help counter Beijing’s efforts to expand its reach and influence.

The deal — part of an agreement known as AUKUS — will see Australia replace its diesel-powered submarines with nuclear-powered ones that have far greater stealth and range, first through purchases from the United States and later with domestically produced vessels.

But the effort faces challenges including a long timeline and the need for expanded production capacity, while China is currently improving its armed forces and aggressively pursuing territorial claims in the Indo-Pacific, threatening Washington’s long-held military edge in the region.

‘Each nation has a slightly different rationale for AUKUS, but it largely boils down to China,’ Charles Edel, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said at a recent event.

‘China was not mentioned when AUKUS was first announced, although the exponential growth of Beijing’s military power and its more aggressive use over the past decade was the clear animating force behind it,’ he said…”

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