Survey: More Than 1/3 of Senior Pastors Believe Being a ‘Good Person’ Can Earn You Salvation

ChristianHeadlines.com reports: “According to a new survey by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, at least one-third of senior pastors across the United States believe that people can go to Heaven based on good works.

According to The Christian Post, the nationwide study found that at least one-third of senior pastors say that being a ‘good person’ can get you into Heaven.

Additionally, one-third or more of senior pastors surveyed believe that the Holy Spirit is ‘a symbol of God’s power’ rather than a ‘living entity,’ moral truth is subjective, and ‘sexual relations between two unmarried people who believe they love each other is morally acceptable.’

They also believe that socialism is preferable to capitalism, the Bible is ‘ambiguous’ when it comes to abortion and reincarnation is ‘a real possibility.’…”

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