Sweden: Islamic Terrorism Still Number One Threat

Breitbart.com reports: “A newly released report from Sweden’s National Center for Terror Threat Assessment (NCT) has warned that despite recent victories over the Islamic State, radical Islamic terror remains the number one threat to Swedish security.

The report, which compiles expertise from the Security Service (Sapo), the Military Intelligence and Security Service, and the Defense Radio Institute, said that the country still remains a legitimate target for supporters of radical Islamic extremism, broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

Linda Thörnell, head of NCT, spoke about the report saying that the Islamic State terror group still remains a key source of inspiration for jihadis across Sweden.

‘The inspiration has partly gone down, the enthusiasm for Daesh has diminished, but Daesh continues to inspire attacks and it still happens,’ Thörnell said.

The NCT also noted that any future attacks are likely to follow the same pattern as recent terror attacks in Europe, a lone wolf with a knife, gun or vehicle committing terror after being inspired by the Islamic State and its propaganda…”

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