Swedish Security Police Warn of Space Wars With China, Russia

SpaceWar.com reports: “…More countries see space as a possible arena for conflicts in the future and already today, space is used as an arena for intelligence, Swedish Security Police (Sapo) chief Charlotte von Essen said at the national conference Nation and Defence.

With space as a new arena, ‘foreign powers’ get new opportunities, Sapo warned. According to Sapo, a conflict in space can begin with the disruption of socially important functions through an attack on an important space system, such as a navigation satellites. And for those who want to communicate with their satellites and retrieve data, Sweden is in a strategic location, according to the authority.

Two countries singled out as the biggest intelligence threats to Sweden, and which Sapo named as having high ambitions for their space activities, are China and Russia.

‘For China and Russia, space is important from both a military and civilian perspective. The countries are also very interested in acquiring knowledge about Swedish research that contributes to the development of space. More people with activities that can be connected to space need to create increased awareness of this,’ Charlotte von Essen said…”

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