Syrian children urge Israel to bomb Assad regime

Israel National News reports: “Middle East scholar Dr. Eddy Cohen was surprised yesterday to find photographs of Syrian children holding a large sign requesting that the State of Israel continue attacking Syria’s Assad regime in retaliation for the regime’s killing Syrian children, with a specific reference to Cohen himself on the sign.

‘Please attack Syria in revenge for the murder of our children by Assad, we are Syrians at peace, we love Dr. Eddy Cohen,’ says the Syrian children’s sign. In a conversation with Arutz Sheva, Dr. Cohen describes the situation of those calling for help and his feelings in light of the personal mention.

‘This is a poor people whose leader carries out genocide, and everyone has abandoned them; the Russians, the Iranians, the Turks,’ says Dr. Cohen, who says that the location at the bottom of the sign reads ‘Kfar Nabil’ and the date the photograph was taken was Monday, February 11.

‘I was sent a link to the page where the picture was published, I downloaded the two pictures, and it turned out that they later deleted this post on the Facebook page of the village of Kfar Nabil in the Idlib district, which was liberated from Assad’s rule. They’ve been fighting for 7-8 years against the Assad regime,’ he says, noting that the motive for removing the picture was that ‘one of the followers wrote that now we’ll all pay for this picture.

‘They’re afraid Assad will send out some planes and destroy the town. Assad doesn’t play around. He could do it.’…”

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