Taiwan detects 39 Chinese warplanes, carrier

SpaceWar.com reports: “Taiwan said Monday it had detected 39 Chinese warplanes and an aircraft carrier near the island after a US destroyer and a Canadian frigate transited through the Taiwan Strait over the weekend.

Between Sunday and Monday morning, 26 aircraft and 13 warships were operating around the island, while another 13 planes were detected since the early hours of Monday, according to Taiwan’s defence ministry.

China’s Shandong carrier was also detected Monday around 60 nautical miles southeast of Taiwan’s southernmost tip Eluanbi, sailing eastward and entering the Western Pacific for training, the ministry added.

China claims self-ruled Taiwan as its territory and has vowed to take it one day — by force if necessary.

In recent years, Beijing has ratcheted up military and political pressure on Taiwan, often conducting naval exercises or sending warplanes buzzing overhead to coincide with any diplomatic engagements with Taipei…”

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