Taiwan FM says conflict with China would have ‘disastrous results’

SpaceWar.com reports: “A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would have ‘disastrous results’ for the world, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told AFP in an interview Wednesday, citing the island’s strategic importance for the semiconductor industry and global shipping lanes.

Wu’s warning comes as democratically ruled Taiwan heads towards a presidential election next year, while facing increased military and political pressure from China across the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing claims Taiwan as its own territory and has vowed repeatedly to take it one day — militarily, if necessary.

Wu said any act of force against Taiwan would have global reverberations.

‘What we need to do is to explain to the international community that if there’s any conflict involving Taiwan, it’s going to have disastrous results for the rest of the world,’ Wu said, pointing to the food and fuel shortages, and spiralling inflation, that resulted from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…”

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