Taiwan Holds Military Drills to Defend Against Threat of Chinese Invasion 

Voice of America News reports: “Almost every day, Chinese warships sail in waters around Taiwan and warplanes fly toward the island before turning back. What if they suddenly attacked?

Taiwan’s military conducted a two-day exercise at sea, on land and in the air this week to practice defending against such a surprise attack. As journalists looked on from fast escort boats, a mine layer released at least a half dozen dummy mines from a chute in its stern.

Maj. Gen. Sun Li-fang, the chief defense ministry spokesperson, told reporters at Zuoying Naval Base in southern Taiwan that China’s recent actions threaten to spark a conflict that could have devastating effects on the entire region, where billions of dollars in trade pass the 160 kilometer-wide waterway separating Taiwan from China.

‘Any unilateral irrational action could very easily escalate tensions and sabotage stability in the Taiwan Strait region,’ Sun said. ‘So the Chinese Communists should immediately cease these sorts of undermining actions.’…”

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