Taiwan says to keep Ukraine lessons in mind during annual wargame

SinoDaily.com reports: “Taiwan’s military on Wednesday said it was learning lessons from Russia’s war against Ukraine as it unveiled plans for its annual military exercise that simulates defending the island from Chinese attacks.

The island’s 23 million people live under constant threat of an invasion by China, which views the self-ruled democratic island as part of its territory to be re-taken one day, by force if necessary.

Russia’s brutal but stumbling invasion of Ukraine has heightened fears Beijing might similarly one day follow through on threats to annex its smaller neighbour.

As the military announced a July date for its ‘Han Kuang’ (Han Glory) wargames, commanders made clear the conflict in Ukraine would factor into the exercises.

‘The defence ministry is closely monitoring, researching and analysing regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine as well as the Communist military’s movements,’ Major-General Lin Wen-huang told reporters, referring to the mainland Chinese army.

‘We will take reference of the lessons from the Russian-Ukrainian war to continue to improve our capabilities in asymmetric warfare, cognitive warfare, electronic warfare and the reserve force,’ added Lin, head of a military division on joint operations…”

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