Taiwan to prepare for Chinese blockade in annual war drills

SpaceWar.com reports: “Taiwan’s military will practise intercepting warships and combating a Chinese blockade of the island during annual war game simulations in July, the defence ministry said Wednesday.

Democratic Taiwan lives under constant threat of an attack by Beijing, which views the island as part of its territory that must be reunified.

The annual ‘Han Kuang’ (Han Glory) drills will be divided into computer war games in May tackling ‘various possible actions of the enemy’s invasion of Taiwan’ and partial live-fire exercises in July, the ministry said.

‘Our scenarios are based on the enemy’s current threats to invade Taiwan and its recent military exercises harassing Taiwan,’ Major General Lin Wen-huang told reporters when asked whether China’s Shandong aircraft carrier would factor into this year’s scenarios.

The Shandong was used by Beijing during military exercises this month simulating targeted strikes and a blockade of Taiwan.

The five-day exercises in July will help bolster Taiwan’s ability to intercept China’s naval and amphibious fleets, Lin said…”

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