Taliban: Coronavirus ‘a Decree of Allah … Because of the Sins of Mankind’

Breitbart.com reports: “The Taliban, which considers itself the legitimate government of Afghanistan, released a statement on Wednesday urging Afghans to ‘recite effective prayers’ against the Chinese coronavirus, calling it a ‘decree of Allah.’

The Taliban has also repeatedly lobbied the Afghan government to release its Taliban member inmates, citing the possibility that they are a high risk of contracting the virus in the closed quarters of a prison.

Voice of America, noting the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on ongoing negotiations between the Taliban and the U.S. government, which mediates on behalf of Kabul, relayed part of a Taliban statement. The Taliban urged followers to pray for an end to the pandemic and lamented the virus as a ‘decree of Allah … because of the disobedience and sins of mankind or other reasons.’

Pakistan’s Daily Times translated a longer portion of the statement that showed the group appeared to posit the theory that the virus was a punishment as merely one potential explanation.

‘Our Muslim nation must consider this disease a decree of Allah (SwT) and deal with it in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH),’ the Daily Times translation read. ‘As per the directives of scholars – people should recite effective prayers and astaghfar (seeking forgiveness) frequently, increase the reading of the Holy Quran, give in alms and charity and turn to Allah (SwT) in repentance for their past sins.’…”

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