Taliban Education Minister: Content Contrary to Radical Sharia Law Will Be Eradicated

Breitbart.com reports: “Taliban Education Minister Mullah Noorullah Munir declared last week his country’s aim to replace all educational content which ‘contradicts’ radical Islamic sharia law or Afghan traditions, noting that music would no longer be ‘compatible’ with it. 

Appearing on Al-Jazeera last Monday, Munir shared the Taliban’s aim to replace all content in Afghanistan’s education curricula that contradicts sharia law or Afghan traditions and customs. 

‘[I]f we find content that contradicts sharia law in any textbook, we will have to replace it,’ he said. 

‘Subjects such as physics, geology, chemistry, and engineering will remain intact, but if there are things that contradict sharia law, the laws of our country, or our customs and traditions, we will have no choice but to take the necessary steps,’ he added.

Regarding subjects such as music, Munir said they were no longer compatible…”

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