Taliban Order Afghan Female TV Presenters to Cover Faces

Voice of America News reports: “The ruling Taliban ordered local television channels in Afghanistan Thursday to ensure that female program presenters cover their faces while on screen, increasing curbs on women’s rights despite a global outcry.

Afghan media outlets confirmed that they had received the edict from the Ministry of Vice and Virtue, charged with interpreting and enforcing the Taliban’s version of Islamic Shariah law.

The country’s Tolo News television said in a statement that ministry officials had called the new order ‘a final verdict and not up for discussion.’ The media outlet wrote on Twitter the ‘new order demanded all female presenters working in all TV channels to cover their faces while presenting programs.’

Ministry spokesperson Akif Sadiq confirmed to VOA that it had directed all domestic media outlets in the Afghan capital, Kabul, to bar female staff from broadcasting unless their faces are covered.

Critics slammed the continued Taliban crackdown on women’s rights…”

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