The Islamic State Renews Calls for Attacks on Europe in Wake of Gaza Conflict

Breitbart.com reports: “Islamist propaganda is working to juice every possible advantage out of the Hamas terror attack against Israel, with calls for attacks against Jews, ‘crusaders’, and the West being issued.

Muslims who want to liberate Palestine should join the Islamic State, an Afghan IS propaganda newspaper claims, while others call for believers to use absolutely any means at their disposal to launch an attack, even if it’s just punching an unbeliever. The messages encouraging violence and murder are the latest wave of Islamist propaganda that has come since Hamas launched their October terrorist attack against Israel which was followed by a considerable uptick in antisemitism in Western states.

German newspaper Die Welt reports Europol-flagged Islamic State digital jihad body Talai’ al-Ansar had recently put out a new propaganda video meant to radicalise followers in Europe into action, noting it said Muslims in Europe should attack ‘Europe, the infidel West and everywhere… crusaders’ with ‘bombs, guns, knives, cars, stones or punches and kicks’…”

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