Those Undermining Taliban ‘Deserve Death,’ Says Taliban Minister

Voice of America News reports: “A high-ranking Taliban official told a gathering of Afghan judges this week that the group outlaws any public opposition to the Taliban or its policies.

‘All those who undermine the [Taliban’s] regime, whether that is via tongue, pen or practically undermining it, are considered rebellious and deserve death,’ said the Taliban’s acting minister of higher education, Neda Mohammad Nadim, who spoke Sunday at the graduation ceremony of the Taliban’s judges and Islamic jurists in Kandahar.

He added that the Taliban would ‘suppress’ all those who are, according to him, ‘making problems for the people of Afghanistan based on foreigners’ agendas.’

Nadim’s remarks contradict the Taliban’s spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid’s assurances that their government’s policy will be open to criticism and will listen and answer ‘any questions or objections with patience.’…”

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