Today’s Trans Madness Isn’t New. It’s Rooted in an Ancient Belief That’s Combated in the New Testament.

PJMedia.com reports: “‘There is nothing new under the sun,’ says the Book of Ecclesiastes (1:9), and that includes today’s fashionable trans madness. While men mutilating themselves and taking hormones and calling themselves women may be a new aspect of this phenomenon, men have been donning dresses and prancing around pretending to be women from time immemorial. And now a detransitioner, a woman who spent several years pretending to be a man before awakening from her delusion, has rooted the trans phenomenon in another extremely old idea: Gnosticism, an ancient religious belief that derided the material world as evil and is combated in the New Testament.

Estella Suarez-Hamilton, who began pretending to be a man as a teenager, explained Wednesday that at the heart of the trans fad is a desire to escape from reality: ‘Oftentimes, people are looking for an escape. There’s a lot of escapism in my generation, and this is especially true with the trans ideology. It was a distraction that I needed, to not look at the parts of my life and the relationships in my life that I was not succeeding in, and were falling apart. I was looking for escape — and the political, kind of spiritual, aspects of trans ideology, when they’re combined with the online [community], that offers a type of escapism. A lot of times people will say that it’s a ‘cult,’ and in a way, that could be applied, but I think a more accurate term is a ‘cyber sect.’’ This sect has surprisingly ancient roots, in an old version of escapism…”

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