‘Trans people are divine’: So-called ‘Christian’ pastor says ‘transphobia is a sin’

WND.com reports: “A pastor and his wife said people who identify as transgender are ‘divine’ in a Facebook post over the weekend and called for Christians to join a campaign condemning transphobia.

The Rev. Chris Bruesehoff is a pastor at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church and his wife, Jamie, who describes herself as a ‘queer’ ‘clergy spouse,’ wrote that they were joining a campaign to combat transphobia in the church, according to a Facebook post. On Jamie Bruesehoff’s social media account, Chris Bruesehoff can be seen inside his church holding a sign stating ‘Transphobia is a Sin,’ while his wife captioned the post ‘trans people are divine.’

Jamie Bruesehoff stated that her husband’s activism is ‘critical’ as a ‘leader in the church.’

‘It is critical that we both, as people of Christian faith committed to justice and who love and care for transgender people, declare that not only is transphobia a sin, but transgender people are whole and holy,’ Jamie Bruesehoff wrote…”

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