Trans Tyranny: Christian Teacher Banned from Profession After Calling Students ‘Girls’ in Classroom

Breitbart.com reports: “Regulators in Britain have banned a Christian teacher from the profession for life for ‘misgendering’ a student, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the country.

The Teaching Regulation Authority (TRA) has ruled that Joshua Sutcliffe, 33, formerly of the Cherwell School at Oxford, should be banned from the teaching profession for failing to use the so-called preferred pronouns of a girl student who identified as a boy, which they claimed amounted to not providing the pupil with ‘dignity and respect’.

Sutcliffe admitted that there was an instance in which he praised a group of students by saying ‘well done girls’ during a maths lesson, which apparently was enough for a student to feel misgendered. Regulators claimed that it was likely that there were other instances of the teacher not using preferred pronouns, however, Sutcliffe had denied these charges, The Telegraph reported.

In addition, the TRA also found the former mathematics teacher guilty of misconduct for expressing his faith-based opposition to gay marriage and for showing students at a different school video with ‘inappropriate comments’ about the problems of declining masculinity in the modern world…”

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