After Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, PA turns to UN to lead talks

Israel National News reports: “The Palestinian Authority’s ruling faction will plan its response to President Donald Trump’s December recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital during an upcoming meeting next week, and will weigh proposals including a plan to rescind its recognition of Israel, AFP reported Friday.

This week, the Arabic-language media outlet Wafa reported that the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Central Council is set to meet on Sunday to discuss the ‘threat’ posed by President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration to the PLO’s agenda.

‘The city of Al-Quds is full of history, tradition and religion, and it will be the answer to any challenge, and it is a crossroads in order to deal with the occupation, which is determined to continue the settlement and attacks in light of the American position which is biased against our people and its legitimate national rights,’ senior Palestinian Authority spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeineh charged, as quoted by the PA news agency Wafa.

The Palestinian Authority, which expressed outrage at President Trump’s decision, has rejected the US as a broker for negotiations between the PA and Israel, but has yet to preset a coherent vision for pursuing its goals in the Trump era…”

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