Turkey rejects Israeli claims it helped Hamas

Israel National News reports: “Turkey on Tuesday rejected Israel’s claims it had helped the Hamas terrorist organization to gain in military strength, calling them ‘incompatible with reality’.

Turkey’s comments came a day after it was cleared for publication that the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and Israel Police had arrested two men suspected of having recruited individuals for the Hamas terror organization and directing their activities from Turkey.

These include an Israeli citizen from Umm al-Fahm as well as Turkish national Cemil Tekeli, a lecturer in law.

The two are suspected of aiding Hamas through business platforms. Tekeli was arrested in January and later deported.

The Turkish foreign ministry said it rejected the allegations, describing the claim as ‘incompatible with reality and lacking in seriousness’, according to AFP.

Alluding to the Israeli investigation into Tekeli, it said that Israel made the claims based on ‘statements obtained from our detained citizen under ambiguous circumstances.’

‘It is out of the question for Turkey to permit an activity on its soil that can jeopardize the security of another country,’ said the foreign ministry in Ankara…”

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