Turkish President Erdogan defends Hamas, criticizes Israel over war

SpaceWar.com reports: “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey chastised Israel over its bombing of Gaza in its war against Hamas, a militant group he defended by saying it was ‘fighting to protect its land and citizens.’

Erdogan’s words, spoken Wednesday before the Turkish Parliament, were swiftly rebutted by Israel and are expected to raise tensions in the Middle East and between Turkey and its NATO allies, including the United States, which has voiced full support for Israel…

Erdogan described Israel’s offensive as ‘one of the bloodiest, most disgusting, most brutal attacks in history against innocent people in Gaza.’

‘This picture alone is enough to show that the purpose is not self-defense, but a brutality to commit the all-out human crime,’ he said.

‘In the world, you will not find any other state and army that bombs cities day and night with warplanes just to kill children, burns hospitals, places of worship, schools, marketplaces, buildings, streets with fire; continues this inhumane action with its tanks, cannons and weapons.’

The Turkish president also called out Western nations that have backed Israel in its war, but said that while they may be indebted to Israel, Turkey is not…”

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