Two rockets fired at Israel from West Bank for first time in 18 years

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Palestinians launched two rockets toward sovereign Israel from the Jenin area on Monday morning, the IDF reported. They landed inside Palestinian Authority territory without hitting any Israelis or Israeli locations. It was the first time a rocket was fired at Israel from the West Bank in 18 years.

One of the rockets fell five meters from the launch area, and the other landed 80 meters away, the IDF said. Although a review of the wreckage found that the rockets were full, no explosive materials were found in the wreckage.

This suggests that either the rockets were a publicity stunt or a test run that was not meant to explode. As of press time, it was unknown if those who carried out the launches had more rockets or explosive materials.

Broadly speaking, the rockets were found to be of a primitive design, the IDF said.

The rockets did not pose a threat to Israeli communities in the area, it said, although it was unclear if this was because they lacked the range to strike them or because of other issues…”

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