Two votes against, three abstentions: Xi secures power in perpetuity

Asia Times Online reports: “The path was cleared on Sunday for China’s Xi Jinping to rule the country indefinitely as its rubber-stamp parliament passed a constitutional amendment removing presidential term limits.

The amendment was passed almost – but not quite – unanimously, with two ‘no’ votes and three abstentions, against 2,957 in favor. Party members’ loyalty belied a wave of criticism of the move among internet users, a wave which censors have taken care to extinguish. The amendment was revealed by the Communist Party just last month.

The vote reverses the era of ‘collective’ leadership and orderly succession that was promoted by the country’s late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping to ensure stability following the turbulent one-man rule of Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong. It gives Xi almost total authority to pursue his vision of transforming China into an economic and military superpower by the middle of the century.

Delegates to the National People’s Congress, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, applauded after each vote in what comes as China’s first constitutional amendment in 14 years. Had members rejected it, it would have been the first time a party diktat had ever failed to pass…”

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