U.S. defense chief: China, Russia seek ‘might makes right’ world

SpaceWar.com reports: “China and Russia seek a world where force is used to resolve disputes, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Saturday, vowing that the United States will continue defending humanitarian principles and international law.

‘Beijing, like Moscow, seeks a world where might makes right, where disputes are resolved by force, and where autocrats can stamp out the flame of freedom,’ Austin told the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada.

Moscow’s war against Kyiv ‘has underscored the challenge that we face in the Indo-Pacific, where (China) is also pushing for something very far from our vision of a free and stable and open international system,’ Austin said.

Chinese activities around Taiwan are growing ‘increasingly provocative,’ he said, with Beijing’s aircraft flying close to the island on a near-daily basis and carrying out a number of dangerous intercepts of US and allied planes…”

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