U.S., Japan, South Korea discuss North Korea denuclearization

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Officials from the United States, Japan and South Korea met in Washington on Tuesday to discuss North Korean denuclearization, just days after negotiations between the US and North Korea broke down in Sweden.

US Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun held talks with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts, the US State Department said in a statement.

They ‘reaffirmed the importance of continued close… coordination on North Korea to achieve complete denuclearization,’ it said.

After nuclear talks with the US in Sweden broke down on Saturday, North Korea said it had ‘no intention’ to continue unless the US took steps to end hostilities.

The North walked away from the talks saying it was disappointed at the lack of ‘new and creative’ solutions offered by Washington, though the US said the meeting involved ‘good discussions’ and that it was willing to meet again later this month…”

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