U.S. again puts faith in China to rein in North Korea

SpaceDaily.com reports: “After a few days of saber-rattling, US President Donald Trump’s administration has reverted to the same North Korea policy as its predecessor: relying on China to control Pyongyang.

The USS Carl Vinson carrier battle group, which Trump boasted last week was the ‘armada, very powerful’ to bring leader Kim Jong-un to heel is instead carrying out drills off the coast of Australia.

And in Washington, top officials now express hope that North Korea’s great power neighbor China will apply the necessary political and economic pressure to halt its nuclear tests.

Beijing, of course, has made this promise before, and experts warn there is no particular reason why China would honor it now — but the White House seems to have few better options.

Last week, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the Vinson was ‘on her way up’ to the Korean peninsula. Four days later the ship was photographed sailing the other way, into the Indian Ocean.

On Tuesday, Mattis said the United States is ‘working so closely’ with China towards the aim of denuclearizing the peninsula, adding hopefully that: ‘We all share that same interest.’…”

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