U.S. vows to help Europe repel Russian aggression

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson re-committed the United States to opposing Moscow’s ‘aggression’ against its neighbors Tuesday and vowed to help Europe wean itself off Russian oil and gas.

Next week Washington’s top diplomat will attend ministerial meetings of the NATO alliance in Brussels and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna.

At both sets of talks Russia’s intervention in Ukraine will top the agenda and US allies in Europe will be looking for reassurance that President Donald Trump’s administration has their back.

Trump came to office this year seeking warmer ties with Moscow and has sometimes called into question the value of US alliances, but relations with President Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin quickly soured.

Now, Tillerson is heading to Europe with a tough message that the Western allies stand shoulder to shoulder to oppose ‘the enemies that threaten our security and oppose our way of life.’…”

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