UAE minister scolds Hamas over its ‘solidarity’ with Iran

The Times of Israel reports: “A senior United Arab Emirates government official appeared to lash out at Hamas over a statement it issued earlier this week, in which it expressed sympathy with the Iranian government in the wake of new American punitive measures…

‘Hamas’s solidarity with the Iranian government does not take into consideration the Gulf and Arab anxiety over Tehran’s regional interference,’ Anwar Gargash, UAE’s minister of state for foreign affairs, tweeted Tuesday evening. ‘It is unnecessary. It pushes the Palestinian issue into a maze and confirms the opinion that the movement, in its orientation, is nothing more than an Iranian regional tool.’

In a statement on Monday, Hamas condemned Washngton’s reimposition of sanctions against Iran, which it said seek ‘to destabilize security and stability in the region…and strengthen the Zionist project,’ and affirmed its ‘solidarity with Iran’s government and people.’…”

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