UAE official: We have grown accustomed to PA’s lack of loyalty

Israel National News reports: “A senior United Arab Emirates official on Tuesday fired back at the Palestinian Arab ambassador to France after he attacked the UAE over its establishment of formal relations with Israel, Times of Israel reported.

The envoy, Salman El Herfi, blasted both the UAE and Bahrain in an interview with French magazine Le Point, saying, among other things, that these countries ‘have become more Israeli than Israel’ and are violating the charter of the United Nations.

El Herfi charged that the UAE had long abandoned the Palestinian cause and that he wasn’t surprised by Abu Dhabi’s decision to normalize ties with Israel in August.

‘The only new thing was the formalization of this relationship. I thank them for having revealed their true face,’ he said, adding, ‘The truth is that the Emirates were never at the Palestinians’ side.’…

Anwar Gargash, the UAE’s minister of state for foreign affairs, responded to the comments in a post on Twitter on Tuesday.

‘I was not surprised by the statements made by the Palestinian Ambassador to Paris, and his ungrateful discussion of the Emirates,’ Gargash wrote in Arabic.

‘We have grown accustomed to the lack of loyalty and the ingratitude. We proceed toward the future confident in all our actions and beliefs,’ he added…”

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