UK: Russia May Be Ready to Shoot Retreating and Deserting Soldiers

Voice of America News reports: “Russia may be ready to shoot its retreating and deserting soldiers in Ukraine, according to Britain’s Defense Ministry’s daily update on Russia’s war on Ukraine.

‘Due to low morale and reluctance to fight, Russian forces have probably started deploying ‘barrier troops’ or ‘blocking units,’ Friday’s intelligence update said. ‘These units threaten to shoot their own retreating soldiers in order to compel offensives and have been used in previous conflicts by Russian forces.’

‘Recently, Russian generals likely wanted their commanders to use weapons against deserters, including possibly authorizing shooting to kill such defaulters after a warning had been given,’ the Defense Ministry said. ‘Generals also likely wanted to maintain defensive positions to the death.’

The tactic of shooting its own deserters, the ministry said, ‘likely attests to the low quality, low morale and indiscipline of Russian forces.’

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised his troops Thursday as the country observed the Day of Missile Troops and Artillery and the Day of Engineering Troops…”

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