UK School Asks Pupils to Wear ‘Yellow Badge’ to Show They Are Mask-Exempt

Breitbart.com reports: “A parenting campaign group has criticised the ‘deeply inappropriate’ request from a school for pupils to wear a ‘yellow badge’ to show they are exempt from wearing a mask, with many making a comparison to the yellow stars forced upon Jewish people in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Allison Pearson from The Telegraph had circulated last week excerpts of an email from the headmaster of Farringtons School in Chiselhurst, Kent, advising parents that children who are exempt from wearing a mask in school should wear a ‘yellow badge’ to identify themselves. The email prompted the journalist to ask ‘does the school have teachers who know their history?’ as well as dozens of responses to the tweet with members of the public seeing the comparison to the forcing of Jewish people wearing stars in Nazi-occupied Europe so they could be identified and singled out for discrimination…”

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