Ukraine destroys two Russian nuclear bombers in airport bombings

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Two explosions carried out by Ukraine hit two military airports in the country, reportedly destroying two Russian nuclear bombers and causing three deaths and six injuries, media reports claimed on Monday. According to estimates, the explosions were caused by tankers loaded with gasoline.

One of the bombed airports contained a training center for military aircraft and tanks. At the second airport, two Tu-95 nuclear bombers were hit by a drone. In addition, military officials in the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine said that nine people were killed after the Ukrainian army shelled the city of Alchevsk.

The news came after Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu announced recently that in the coming year Russia will focus on improving the infrastructure for its nuclear arsenal. Shoigu’s announcement came amid fears that that Moscow might use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine. Benjamin Netanyahu, the incoming Israeli prime minister, said that the chances were not zero in an interview with NBC on Sunday…”

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