UN Urges Taliban to End ‘Dangerous Campaign’ Against Women

Voice of America News reports: “Officials from the U.N. and an aid organization were meeting with the Taliban in Afghanistan amid intensified calls for the Islamist rulers to end what a U.N. official describes as a ‘dangerous campaign’ to exclude women from public life.

The meetings come as Melissa Fleming, the U.N. chief communicator, said in recent comments that ‘the systematic campaign by the country’s de facto authorities to gradually erase women from public life and deny their contribution is an extraordinary act of self-harm.’

Fleming’s remarks came as Markus Potzel, the U.N. envoy to Afghanistan, held back-to-back meetings with senior Taliban ministers in the capital, Kabul, urging them to lift bans on women’s education and work for aid groups, citing the country’s dire humanitarian conditions.

Potzel held his latest meeting Sunday with the Taliban minister for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice, tasked with interpreting and enforcing the Taliban’s version of Islam…”

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