UN: Yemen’s Children Suffer ‘Devastating Toll’ in 5-Year Conflict

Voice of America News reports: “The United Nations said Monday that the five-year-old conflict in Yemen has taken a ‘devastating toll’ on the country’s children, with thousands killed, maimed and recruited to fight since the war began.

‘The impact of this conflict on children is horrific,’ Virginia Gamba, U.N. special representative for children and armed conflict, told a meeting of the Security Council. ‘All parties to the conflict have acted and reacted militarily to events resulting in the use and abuse of children in multiple ways.’

Since monitoring began in Yemen in April 2013 (before the conflict fully erupted) until the end of the 2018, Gamba said more than 7,500 children have been killed or maimed and more than 3,000 have been verified as recruited or used, and there have been more than 800 documented cases of denial of humanitarian access to children.

Gamba said children reportedly have been forcibly recruited from schools, orphanages and communities to fight on the front lines, man checkpoints, deliver supplies or gather intelligence…”

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