Uncle and cousins murder, bury body of young Bedouin woman

Israel National News reports: “Israeli police have solved the case of young Bedouin woman Hanan Albakhiri’s disappearance, a resident of Lakiya, who was last seen on May 3rd this year.

The police investigation revealed that three members of her family allegedly kidnapped her on the night of her disappearance, murdered her, burned her body, and buried her near their home in Giv’ot Goral. An indictment will be filed against the family members today.

The police came into the picture when Albakhiri’s mother informed them of the absence of her 20-year-old daughter. The mother said that her daughter called at around 21:00 saying she was near the Lakiya Council building and on her way home. When she failed to return home, her mother tried unsuccessfully to contact her.

In her testimony, the mother added that her husband’s brother “took responsibility” for the family from the day on which she was widowed, and that he and two other brothers of her late husband were suspected of being responsible for Hanan’s disappearance…”

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