US announces more Himars precision rocket systems for Ukraine

SpaceWar.com reports: “The United States announced Friday it will send Ukraine more Himars rocket systems and new precision artillery shells, boosting its ability to target Russian arms depots and supply chains.

A new $400 million arms package will include four Himars launchers with ammunition, a system that has helped Ukraine’s forces attack targets like ammunition dumps with guided missiles from a greater distance, out of range of Russian artillery, according to a senior defense official.

With the Himars system, ‘Ukraine has now been successfully striking Russian locations within Ukraine, deeper behind the frontlines, and disrupting Russia’s ability to conduct artillery operation,’ the official said.

The package will also include 1,000 rounds of a new kind of 155mm ammunition for artillery supplied by Ukraine’s Western allies.

A senior defense official said the new artillery rounds were both longer range and more precise that what the Pentagon has provided previously…”

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