US general says allies key to counter China in Pacific

SpaceWar.com reports: “The United States will rely on allies rather than a major expansion of its own forces to counter any Chinese military risk in the Pacific, a US general has told AFP.

Beijing enjoys ‘very clear’ advantages in the region, said Major General Joseph Ryan, commander of the 12,000-strong 25th Infantry Division on Oahu, Hawaii.

He cited China’s expanding military defences, its long-range rocket missile capability and the ease with which it can position forces and equipment in the Pacific.

By contrast, in the event of conflict, the United States and its allies would have to traverse international waters or the territories of multiple nations, requiring their permission as well as the mobilisation of air, land and sea transport.

‘I don’t see a major expansion of US military presence in the region,’ Ryan said while in Darwin at the weekend for multinational military exercise Talisman Sabre.

‘What I do see is increased partnership, opportunities for partnership and perhaps some increased growth in the region,’ he said…”

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