US hopes F-35s, ships will deter Iran in Gulf region as Iran threats grow

The Jerusalem Post reports: “US Air Force F-35s are playing a key role in protecting the skies off the coast of the Gulf countries. The US Air Force component of US Central Command said this week that the US Air Force ‘F-35 took to the skies to defend and protect the Central Arabian Gulf alongside the US Navy’s USS McFaul. The joint coalition operation protects safe passage and defends freedom of maneuver for all vessels operating in Central Command’s region.’

McFaul is a destroyer ship that is posted to the Gulf region. Meanwhile, Iran’s Fars News ran an article on its homepage Monday showing a US carrier in the crosshairs with the headline ‘These are our territorial waters, go away.’  

US AfCent, the US Air Force component of Central Command, said in late July that F-35s had deployed to the Gulf. The F-35 is a fifth-generation advanced warplane that has exceptional capabilities.

It is one of many air force assets recently sent to the region including the F-22s. The US has also deployed A-10s and sent B-52s to the region over the last year. All of this is meant to deter Iran and Russia…”

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