US says China fears North Korea crisis after Putin trip

SpaceWar.com reports: “China, despite its public alliance with Russia, is worried North Korea could be emboldened into starting a regional crisis following President Vladimir Putin’s visit, a top US official said Monday.

Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said that China has indicated in interactions with the United States that it is ‘anxious’ after Putin last week signed a defense deal with Pyongyang.

‘I think it would be fair to say that China is probably worried that North Korea will be somehow encouraged to take provocative steps that could lead to a crisis in Northeast Asia,’ Campbell said at the Council on Foreign Relations.

He pointed to the rise in small-scale military incidents by North Korea on its frontier with the South, as well as Pyongyang’s ‘really provocative language’ and ‘absolute clear determination’ to avoid diplomacy with the United States.

Russia, the United States believes, is looking at greater support for North Korea including potentially on the nuclear front, Campbell said.

‘This is a dangerous set of developments and one that we are watching,’ Campbell said…”

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