US says Russia not complying with last remaining nuclear treaty

SpaceWar.com reports: “The United States said Tuesday that Russia was not complying with New START, the last remaining arms control treaty between the world’s two main nuclear powers, as tensions soar over the Ukraine war.

Responding to a request from Congress, the State Department faulted Russia for suspending inspections and canceling talks but did not accuse Moscow of expanding nuclear warheads beyond agreed limits.

‘Russia is not complying with its obligation under the New START Treaty to facilitate inspection activities on its territory,’ a State Department spokesperson said, charging that Moscow’s refusal ‘threatens the viability of US-Russian nuclear arms control.’

‘Russia has a clear path for returning to full compliance. All Russia needs to do is allow inspection activities on its territory, just as it did for years under the New START Treaty, and meet in a session of the Bilateral Consultative Commission,’ he said, referring to the formal talks set up under the treaty…”

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